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The web links provided below isa good resource for you when doing research for homework assignments orspecific class topics. The links are organized by groups for easyreference. Simply click on the link title to go to the website.


Safe Search Engines for Kids
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Kid Rex
A search engine by kids and for kids.
Ivy Joy
This has a bunch of sites to choose from.

Kid Friendly Search
Another site with a bunch of search engines to choose from.
This works like a google search. It gives an internet safety tip with every search.
Kid Topia
Student Resources
Link - description

Study Island
Free & Fun Typing Games
Practice your typing skills here by playing goofy games.
Nobel Prize
Official site of the nobel prize.
Language Arts
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Mae Jemison
Storm Chaser
Learn about extreme storm chaser Warren Faidley and see his fantastic photos!
Conjunction Junction
Watch the classic from Schoolhouse Rock.
Noun Dunk
Slam dunk with common and proper nouns
Nasa Student Site
Corresponds with "The Challenger" guided reading book.
Spiny Seahorse
This website corresponds with the "Seahorses, Pipefishes, and their Kin". It is a good resource for the spiny seahorse and other creatures.
 Jackie Joyner Kersee
Highlights video of a famous Olympian
Link - description
There are so many multiplication games on this site - check them out!
Divisibility Song
Divisibility rules are hard to remember, this song will help!
Divisibility Song 2
This song is especially for the rules concerning 3 and 9.
Tangram Puzzles
Fun 4 the Brain
Logic Games

Link - description
Nat Geo Earthquakes
Physical V. Chemical Changes
A few important points on the difference between Physical and Chemical changes.
 Native PA Animals
Animals native to our wonderful Pennsylvania.

How to Make Rock Candy
If you want to make rock candy that you can eat, check this out!

Social Studies
Link - description
Glass Armonica
Watch a short video on Benjamin Franklin's musical invention, the glass armonica! The musician here also explains a little bit about the mechanics of this instrument.
Glass Harp
This video shows the glass harp; the instrument that originally inspired Benjamin Franklin to invent the glass armonica.
PA Dutch Hex Signs
Jet Punk State Quiz
Match the state name to the state on the blank map.
Map the 50 States
Match the state names to the blank map. Enjoy the silly sound effects.
I Like to Learn the States
This site gives you a state name, then you select it on a map.
Constitution Site
This "Law of the Land" site has tons of fun activities to learn about the Constitution. Constitution Day is September 17th.
Explorers A-Z
Biography of Henry Hudson
Jamestown Rags to Riches Game
Answer questions to go from rags to riches and earn points.
Jamestown Adventure
Travel through Jamestown and make decisions for the colonists.
13 Colonies Tidbits
A little bit about the colonies.
Paul Revere's Ride

 Leonardo's Horse
The Da Vinci's Science Center's website on Leonardo's famous horse.

Boston Massacre
‚Äč3 minute History Channel video

Pearl Harbor
4 minute History Channel video

The Cotton Gin
History Channel video on Eli Whitney's invention
Teacher Resources
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Remind 101
Class Dojo
Classroom management website
Live Binders
Here is a way to organize your websites.
Link - description
Jack O Lantern Blaze
Pumpkin Facts Video
History of the Jack-O-Lantern
Dance Macabre
A classic spooky movie about All Hallow's Eve
3D Paper Snowflakes
Interactive Sites
Link - description
Now you can blabberize your life - make a picture talk!
This is a fun way to create a word cloud.
Link - description
Kids Health
A top site for kid's health issues. There are good articles and even videos.
Egyptian History
Link - description
Discovering Egypt
Use the tabs across the top of the page to explore the big topics of Egyptian history.
Hieroglyphic Writing
Decode hieroglyphics, try to write your name. Remember you can write from top to bottom, or left to right.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
An easy chart of hieroglyphics and their history.
Typing Sites
Link - description
Free Typing Lessons and Games
Try out the lessons first, then have fun with the games!
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