Classroom News

December News:

**Cold Weather Alert** Please send your child to school with a heavy jacket, gloves, scarf, and a hat. :)

Merry Christmas First Grade Families!  December is here and we are hard at work.  In ELA, students are working on finding the main idea and details of non-fiction stories.  They are also working on the story elements of fiction stories. As your child reads their homework books, ask them to tell you the character, setting, problem and solution of each story.  

In math, we have been working through a unit on measurement.  We are continuing to work on math facts in class as this is the focus of our homework practice.   If your child is breezing through their homework, set a timer to give them some challenge.  If your child is struggling at their level, use the math fact flashcards that are given each week as extra work. 

We are studying Holidays around the World in content.  We will be focusing on six different cultures and how they celebrate the season. We are focusing on the December holidays in Mexico, Israel, Russia, Italy, Germany, and the USA. 

The first grade team wishes your family a wonderful and relaxing break.  See you next year!!!

Classroom Schedule:

ELA block
Math Groups
Guided Reading

Group 1
Day 1- Art      Day 2- Library       Day 3- PE       Day 4- Music

Group 2
Day 1- Library     Day 2- Music      Day 3- Art     Day 4 - PE