Classroom News

March News:
**Cold Weather Alert** Please send your child to school with a heavy jacket, gloves, scarf, and a hat. :)

The students have been working on Habitats.  The habitats that they have learned about are the Savanna, Arctic, Antarctic, Woodlands, Desert and the Rainforest.  Your child will be finishing their research in library this week and they will bring home the information.  DIORAMAS, POSTERS, OR BOOKS are DUE on March 14th along with their oral presentation.  Practice, practice, practice!

In reading, the students are focusing on nonfiction text features (table of contents, bold words, captions, pictures, index, glossary, etc).  While reading nonfiction books, focus on bold vocabulary words.  Point out other text features that you may find.  Our fiction focus continues to be story elements.  Discuss the characters, setting, problem and solution of their homework books. 

In math, we will begin unit 7.  This unit will focus on addition and subtraction facts.  We are going to take a close look at fact families and fact triangles.  Please keep practicing math facts at home.  Some students are ready to begin subtraction! 

Turn your clocks forward on March 10th!  Spring will be here soon!!!! 

Dates to remember: 
March 14th- Academic Night & Book Fair
March 19th- Early dismissal


Classroom Schedule:

ELA block
Math Groups
Guided Reading

Group 1
Day 1- Art      Day 2- Library       Day 3- PE       Day 4- Music

Group 2
Day 1- Library     Day 2- Music      Day 3- Art     Day 4 - PE