Mrs. Brenda Gsell

   Teamwork works!!!  

  Mrs. Gsell's Classes
  Welcome to 4th grade!
 I am your MATH teacher. 


We are full swing into our multiplication unit.  There will be several ways to multiply that will be introduced.  The students will be able to choose the method that works for them. 
Upcoming Events:
November 5th - Renfrew Field Trip
October 3rd, 4th, and 5th - Parent Conferences
October 26th - End of the Marking Period


     Wow! We are well into the first marking period. We are looking forward to conference time when we can share your child's progress and goals for this year. 
         Math facts practice will 
be starting.  Please be aware that students will have take home facts practice each week with 4 nights of homework to be returned on Friday.  Timed tests will be on Fridays. Home practice involves timing the student on completing a set of problems.  Checking and practicing missed problems using flash cards, computer games, etc. will help in increasing the fluency of math facts.

        We will begin the second unit of math which will include finding the area of a rectangle, factors, multiples, converting larger units of time to smaller units of time, multiplication number sentences, symmetry, and classifying triangles and quadrilaterals. Look for the Unit 2 Family Letter for Everyday Math to be coming home.  It includes ways to help your child understand these concepts at home.
         Happy fall!!!!

 August / September

 Welcome to Grade 4!  I am happy to have you on my team!  We are at the starting line of a great year, and I plan to help make this year your child's best school year yet!  Together, we can make this happen.

     This is my tenth year at Mowrey Elementary School.  I have taught 4 years of 5th grade here, as well as 2 years of 3rd grade and 4 years of fourth grade.  I also taught 5th Grade in Washington County for six years and spent several years at home with my four children.  I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Frostburg State University in Maryland.

     Your child will spend each day in the classroom working on meaningful activities, learning and practicing skills in math and science. 
     It is my goal to use this website, email, and notes to help the students and parents stay aware of what is going on.

     Let's have a successful, great, and fun 4th Grade year!