Mrs. Brenda Gsell

   Teamwork works!!!  

      Mrs. Gsell's Classes
       Welcome to 4th grade!
      I am your MATH teacher.

     We are nearing the end of the school year.  It continues to be important to be at school and ready to learn and show what you know every day.  This month, in math, we will work in Unit 8, a unit that has review of skills, but taking them to another level of learning.  We will work with number stories, symmetry, line plots, perimeter and area, and more.

Upcoming dates to remember:
May 4th - Maryland Symphony field trip.  Bring your recorders and dress nicely
May 18th - Harrisburg field trip.  Wear comfortable shoes and dress according to the weather
May 22nd - Field Day - Wear sneakers and dress according to the weather
May 23rd - Talent Show
May 24th - Move Up Day
May 26th - Last Day of School

 It continues to be very important to be here for lessons and review of the standards for 4th Grade to get the extra practice that is always needed. We will take a break from weekly math facts testing, but will pick it up again the second week in May. There will be facts homework a couple of the weeks between PSSA testing even though we are not math facts testing then. Below are some of the dates that are important to note.
PSSA Dates
   ELA Assessments April 3rd through April 7th
   Math Assessments April 25th through April 27th
   Science Assessment May 2nd and 3rd

  Other upcoming events:
    May 10th – Project Team Reward Day
    May 12th – Walk-a-Thon
    May 15th – Walk-a-Thon Rain Date
    May 18th - Harrisburg Field Trip
    Field Day May 23rd

     As we approach PSSA time, when students will share what they know according to 4th Grade Standards, it is very important for students to be present each day.  We will be completing the required instruction and reviewing all standards in the next month. Study Island quizzes are a great tool for learning and practice of 4th Grade Standards.  Students can get help reading and completing the math quizzes.  Students will be keeping track of how many math blue ribbons they have in Study Island and they are challenged to complete all of the math quizzes, earning a blue ribbon in each.  
     A schedule of PSSA dates for your child will be sent home soon.
Also, dates for upcoming field trips in May will soon be posted.

March 17th - We will now have school to make up for a snow day
March 21st - 3rd Marking Period Ends
March 31st - Franklin County Science Fair Drop Off
April 1st - Franklin County Science Fair
PSSA Begins April 3rd.  Exact Dates will be sent home to parents

     Please continue to work on math facts.  We are moving on to multidigit multiplication and long division.  Multiplication math facts are very important to have mastered in order to solve multidigit multiplication and long division.
     Study Island is a very good practice tool for 4th Grade math content.  It is ok to have parents help with the problems to guide the students.

February 10th - Valentine Party
February 14th - Valentine's Day
February 20th - President's Day - No School
Looking Ahead:
March 21st - 3rd Marking Period Ends
March 17th - We will now have school to make up for a snow day
March 31st - Franklin County Science Fair Drop Off
April 1st - Franklin County Science Fair
PSSA Begins April 3rd.  Exact Dates will be sent home to parents


January 3rd - Return to school
January 12th - 2nd Marking Period Ends
January 13th - No school
January 16th - No school

      Practice your math facts and then hang the lights you have earned on a house with the fun game I have added to my links.  Go to links and click on the link to the Holiday Lights Game in the bar on the right of the page.

December 21st - Holiday Parties / Project Team Reward Day
Enjoy your holiday break!


October 10th - 2 Hour Delay
        October 28th (revised date) - Trunk or Treat at Mowrey
        October 28th - Fall Parties
        November 11th - No School 
        November 23rd - 29th - No School

      Read for 20 minutes daily.
Complete math facts homework weekly.
Work on Study Island in math, ELA, and science.

     4th Grade is moving right along.  The end of the marking period is October 21st.  Students will be taking their second Study Island Benchmarks tests at the end of October and the beginning of November to see how they are progressing toward mastering 4th Grade standards.

     Although parent conference time is over, feel free to email, write a note, or call at any time to keep the lines of cummunication open in the benefit of your child.

August / September

 Welcome to Grade 4!  I am happy to have you on my team!  We are at the starting line of a great year, and I plan to help make this year your child's best school year yet!  Together, we can make this happen.

     This is my eighth year at Mowrey Elementary School.  I have taught 4 years of 5th grade here, as well as 2 years of 3rd grade, and 1 year of fourth grade.  I also taught 5th Grade in Washington County for six years and spent several years at home with my four children.  I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Frostburg State University in Maryland.

     Your child will spend each day in the classroom working on meaningful activities activities, learning and practicing skills in math.  Students have Mrs. Bumbaugh for Social Studies, Science, and Writing.  They will have Mrs. Poole for ELA.  
     It is my goal to use this website, email, and notes to help the students and parents stay aware of what is going on.

     Let's have a successful, great, and fun 4th Grade year!