What We Are Learning

What We are Learning in 4th Grade

In fourth grade, we do a lot of special activities including a trips to Renfrew, Farm Fest, The Maryland Symphony, and Harrisburg.

Along with these learning experiences, there is a focus on strengthening skills and knowledge in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. This strengthening of skills helps the PSSA scores of individual students; and, more importantly,  it builds a strong foundation for future learning and life experiences.


This year, students will learn and participate in the following:

Assessments to identify individual student needs.

Math - Everyday Math - Number Sense, Geometry, Data Collection and Analysis, Algebraic Thinking

Reading- Whole group and small groups lessons ,practicing reading skills, a focus on guided small groups, as well as building independent practice in reading. 

Writing - Written responses to reading, as well as Opinion, Informative, and Persuasive Writing

Daily Language Practice

Social Studies
- Geography, Government, and History

Science - Plants and Animals, Water, Weather, and Electricity

Students will be working on Study Island Quizzing in ELA, math, and science.  These quizzes have lessons, games, and quizzes to practice skills and assess skills that 4th grade students should know by the end of the year.  It is very good practice and students may have help with this at home when it is needed.

It is important to know that a tremendous amount of the fourth grade student's success depends on being able to understand how to solve number stories (word problems).  Practicing using math in everyday situations such as cooking, sharing fractions of something, measuring, and grocery shopping can be great for preparing the students to show what they know on tests and in everyday life.