Mrs. Heather Mellott

Children learn to read by reading!

Just as children practice playing a sport or a musical instrument, reading is a skill that needs to be practiced every day!  Click on the link below for a great article about how you can help your child improve his or her reading skills.  The whole Reading Rockets website is a great resource.
Reading at Home

      I hope that my site can help you when you are supporting your child during this reading practice.  The section below will be updated to give you current information and new ideas.  

Reading Updates:
Reading groups are up and running.  In these groups, instruction is geared toward the strengths and needs of the students.  The two major focus areas are accuracy (reading the words correctly) and comprehension (understanding what is read).  Students are taught strategies to help them grow in both of these areas.  I support the students while they are practicing these strategies, with the goal of being able to apply them on their own while reading.