Reading Groups

About My Groups
      I conduct Reading Groups with students from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Groups meet for 30 minutes each day.  In these groups, I provide instruction at the students' particular reading and need levels in the areas of phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, reading strategies, fluency, and comprehension.  For the majority of instruction in my groups, I use a program called Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) that uses engaging leveled books to help students grow in their knowledge of language and words and how they fit together in both reading and writing. 

My Schedule

9:00-9:30  First Grade Title I Group
9:30-10:00 First Grade Strategic Group
10:00-10:30  Second Grade Title I Group
10:30-11:00  Kindergarten Title I Group
11:00-11:30  Second and Third Grade Tier 3 Instruction
                       with Title I Students

11:30-12:00  Third Grade Title I Group
1:10-1:40  Fourth Grade Strategic Group
1:40-2:10  Kindergarten Title I Group
2:10-2:40  Kindergarten Strategic Group
2:45-3:15  Fifth Grade Title I Group

      For students in some of my groups, I will send home a black & white copy of the book we are reading. Please have your child reread the book to you and write your initials on the next circle of their reading log to indicate that they completed their reading.  There will be times that the same book will be sent home multiple nights because we will be practicing that book over several days.  Please have your child reread this same book each night.  Repeated readings of a book are wonderful ways to practice reading fluently with expression.  A quick conversation about the book is great to check if your child understands what he or she is reading.  Students should bring the book to reading group each day in their "Super Reader" folder.      
      Use the "Strategy & Comprehension Resources" link to the left to find tips to use when your child is stuck on a word as well as questions to ask to check your child's understanding of the book. The questions are arranged by book level.  For the books I send home, the level is printed on the back.  You only need to focus on one or two questions each night. Copies of each of these resources can be found in your child's bag with the book they are bringing home.      

     Grades are not given to students based on their work in my groups.  One of my focuses is on the students' performance on the Fountas & Pinnell reading assessment.  This formal assessment is given at several points of the year and assigns the student an instructional reading level as indicated by a letter name (Ex.: Level C).  Students are asked to read a book out loud so I can look at how they are reading the words and are scored based on how correctly they read the words (accuracy).  As students get older, they are also asked to read a part of the book silently.  For all students, we discuss the book in the form of a comprehension conversation after reading.  This is also given a score.  Based on the accuracy and comprehension scores, students are asked to read books at higher levels until they reach a level considered by our scoring guidelines to be too "hard" for them.  The instructional reading level given to students helps me make sure that I am using books for instruction that are just the right "fit" for them.