Parent Resources

Here you will find some helpful resources that will help you better understand what your student is working on during their time in reading group.  Your support at home is a crucial component to your child's success in school.  Thank you for taking the time to work with your child at home!

Click the link below the view the state standards that we will be working on in each grade level.  You may also want to take a peek at what you child will be working toward in the future!

PA Core State English Language Arts Standards

Below are some helpful hints to use while reading at home!!!  Most of these should be familiar to your child since we work on them in group.  Please check the appropriate grade level beside each resource.  Some students have not learned these strategies quite yet :-) 

Use the Five Finger Retell after your child has read a book.  It is important for them to be able to retell what they have read and the important details from the text!   (Kindergarten - Grade 4)    


Your child will use these strategies WHILE they are reading.  Readers should always be thinking of these things as they read to help them better understand!  (Grades 2-4)

In reading group, we work on strategies that students can use when they get to a word in a book that they don't know.Your child can use this strategy bookmark to help them when they get stuck on a tricky word. (K - Grade 4)  

Reading Strategy Bookmark