Reading Group News

                                READING GROUP NEWS

                                                          First Grade

                                                          Second Grade

                                                          Third Grade

                                                          Fourth Grade

Some of my students may bring books home for "Mrs. Price's At Home Reading Challenge".  Please read these books each night and fill in the chart.  When the chart is completed, students will receive Team Tickets and a prize from the prize box!  But the greatest reward is that they are becoming great readers by practicing all of the skills and strategies that we are learning at school!!  Sometimes students may bring the same book home several days in a row.  I do try to change books each day, but sometimes if we do not have group they may not get to change the book.  Please have the students reread the book in their bag that night.  Practicing familiar books can help with sight word recognition and fluency!  Practice makes perfect, right?‚Äč