Reading Group News

                                READING GROUP NEWS

                                                           First Grade
First graders have been working on recognizing their sights words while they are reading books.  If they get to a word they don't know while they're reading, we have been learning that we can get our mouth ready for the first sound and check the picture.  When we are finished reading, students always use their book to tell what happened in the story from the beginning to the end.  Students have also been working on answering questions about the text!  

                                                        Second Grade
All of the second graders in reading groups have been focusing on using what they know about words to help them figure out unknown words while they're reading.  We have been reviewing phonics rules like "mommy e" makes the vowel say its own name, and when a vowel is between 2 consonants it will say its short and lazy sound.  Remembering these rules helps readers when they get to a tricky word.  For comprehension, second graders have been working on making inferences, or thinking about how the characters are feeling and what they might be thinking based on their actions in the story.  

                                                         Third Grade
Students in third grade continue to work on strategies to help them figure out words they don't know in a snap.  We understand that reading with accuracy and fluency can help us understand the story better.  Third graders have been working on showing our understanding of the story by writing about the character's actions in fiction stories and sharing new facts that are learned in informational texts.

                                                      Fourth Grade
Fourth graders have been learning how to break apart large words that they come across while reading.  We are able to use what we know about letter sounds and phonics rules to break a word apart by it's syllables to read it correctly.  To better understand the story, we have been summarizing each section after it is read.  We have also been reading a lot of nonfiction texts.  Ask your fourth grader what new information they have learned in group!

Some of my students may bring books home for "Mrs. Price's At Home Reading Challenge".  Please read these books each night and fill in the monthly chart.  At the end of the month, students will receive Team Tickets and a prize from the prize box!  But the greatest reward is that they are becoming great readers by practicing all of the skills and strategies that we are learning at school!!  Sometimes students may bring the same book home several days in a row.  I do try to change books each day, but sometimes if we do not have group they may not get to change the book.  Please have the students reread the book in their bag that night.  Practicing familiar books can help with sight word recognition and fluency!  Practice makes perfect, right?‚Äč