Math: Our district uses the Everyday Math 4 program. We will work on math concepts and activities for 60 minutes each day. Students also have weekly math facts quizzes on Fridays. Your child should be able to master addition and subtraction facts by the end of second grade. 

ELA: Wonders is our newly adopted reading program. Each day students will be practicing reading (comprehension, fluency, accuracy), writing, grammar, vocabulary, and phonics associated with the program. 

Spelling: Your child will also have weekly spelling words associated with Wonders. These can be found on your child's weekly green Wonders information sheet. This sheet will be sent home every Monday. Spelling tests will be given every Friday. Please spend a few minutes each night practicing these words with your child. If you are in need of some fun ways to practice spelling at home, please let me know!

Guided Reading: This is our small group reading instruction. Your child will be working on reading strategies to become a stronger reader. We will set specific reading goals to work on and will focus on building comprehension, accuracy, and fluency. 

Content: Science and social studies will be taught during our content block. Some concepts we will learn about include: life cycles of plants and butterflies, physics of light, forces and motion, civics and government, economics, and map skills.