General Information
Book Bags/Binders: Your child should have a book bag and a binder. These should be brought to school each day.

Behavior Calendars: Each day your child will color in their day on their behavior calendar. This can be found in your child's binder. Please look at this with your child each night and initial in the box. 

Lunch Money: Please send lunch money to school in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your child's name and lunch ID number on it. 

Car Riders: Children who are being picked up will be walked to the back lobby around 3:20. Car riders must have a note.

Buses: If your child will not be riding the bus on a certain day, please send a note or call the office. Without a note or phone call I will have to send them on the bus. Please help to avoid any confusion. 

Early Dismissals: If your child has an appointment and needs to leave early, please see the secretary in the office. 

Birthdays: You are welcome to send in a snack or drop it off to the office anytime before 3:00 if you wish to do so. Please send me an e-mail or a note if you are planning to do this so that I can inform you of any allergies and the number of students. Party invitations are NOT welcome at school unless there is one for every child in our class or every child of the same gender. 

Bathroom: There is not a bathroom in our classroom. Your child will have the opportunity to use the bathroom when they arrive in the morning, before recess, after special, and at various other times during the day. Students are not allowed to use the bathroom during guided reading groups or while I am teaching to the entire class. Please discuss the importance of going to the bathroom quickly and quietly with your child, as I will not always be there to monitor them. 

Rules: Classroom rules will be explained on the first day of school and reviewed frequently. A copy of the classroom discipline policy will be sent home. Please read over this and discuss it with your child at home. Detach the bottom section and return to school. 

Parent Student Handbook: Please read over this. Sign and return the last page to school with your child. 

Scholastic Book Orders: Your child will receive a Scholastic order form each month. You may purchase books online using our classroom code P8928 or send a CHECK made payable to Scholastic to school with your child prior to the due date. Scholastic does not accept cash through the mail, so if you send your order with cash it will be returned to you. These books make great gifts and students love getting new books!