Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday:

1. 100 Book Challenge: Your child is expected to complete 100 Book Challenge reading for 15 minutes with an adult each night. Please initial that your child read on the log sheet in their 100 Book Challenge folder. He/she can read from 100 Book Challenge books, a library book, or a book from home that they can independently read. By the end of the year this time will increase to 20 minutes.
2. Spelling: Your child will have weekly spelling words. These can be found on your child’s weekly Wonders green sheet. Spend a few minutes each night practicing these words. Spelling tests will be given every Friday.  
3. Math Facts: 
Your child will have weekly math facts drill sheets. These will be sent home on Monday each week. Please time your child as they complete their problems. Math facts tests will be given every Friday. Flashcards are great to use at home or in the car!

Math Home Links will be completed during class. However, I still encourage you to look at these with your child. These are skills that will be assessed on our unit math tests throughout the year.