This year as a second grade team we are trying to limit the amount of time spent on homework each night, as we know that family time is very important. We have a designated homework block at the end of our day this year. During this time we will work on math HomeLinks, spelling words, and math facts that your child would typically have for homework. This doesn't mean we are eliminating homework. But hopefully this will help your child have less to complete at home each night. We are going to try to incorporate math HomeLinks into our math lessons. However, we still encourage you to look at these with your child. Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday. Your child has a planner in which they will write their daily homework assignments, weekly spelling words, and other important information. Your child should bring their planner to school everyday. Please look at this regularly. 

1. 100 Book Challenge: Your child is expected to complete 100 Book Challenge reading for 15 minutes with an adult each night. Please initial that your child read on the log sheet in their folder. Your child should bring home 2 books each night and return them to school the following day to be exchanged. 

2. Spelling: Your child will have weekly spelling words. These can be found in your child's planner. Spend a few minutes each night practicing these words. Spelling tests will be given every Friday.  

3. Math Facts: Your child will have weekly math facts drill sheets. Please time your child as they complete their problems and check them when they are finished. Math facts tests will be given every Friday. Flashcards will also be sent home for extra practice. 

3. Math HomeLinks: We will try to complete math HomeLinks during class. If it is completed, please look over this with your child, as it contains important skills that will be assessed on our unit assessments throughout the year. If we were not able to complete the HomeLink during class, please work on this together with your child and return to school the following day.