Homework is an important part of improving your child's academic skills. 
That being said we understand that family time is also very important. For that reason we will be starting a Homework Block this year. During this time, we will work on HomeLinks, spelling words and math facts. Your child will still have nightly homework, but we are hoping that this extra time will help them improve their skills and give you some extra family time. 

We will write homework in our planners/assignment books everyday. Please check this each day.

Below you will find a list of our nightly homework.

Please read with your each child each night!
Students should read to someone for 15 minutes each night. Please ask questions about the book to help them to think deeply about the text. There is a sheet in your child's binder with question ideas. After they read please initial their logs in the binder. 

Math HomeLinks
Each Everyday Math lesson has a HomeLink. Most days we will complete this sheet during class or during our Homework Block at the end of the day. Occasionally, your child will bring this sheet home to complete. We
STRONGLY encourage you to review the HomeLink with your child if we complete it at school. These skills will be assessed again on the test at the end of each unit. Before the test, your child will bring home a review sheet.

Students will not have nightly spelling homework, however students will be tested on their spelling words every Friday. We will take a pretest on Monday. If your child gets 13 out of 15 or better on this pretest, they will get a sightly harder list of words to study for the week. Therefore, I would encourage you to have your student practice their words nightly. 
Math Facts
Monday thru Thursday students will have a nightly section to complete on their weekly fact page.  They should have someone time them to see how long it takes to complete their 25 facts.  The goal is to finish in under 1 minute 30 seconds for each section. Every Friday students will then take a 3 minute timed test with 50 questions. In order to pass and move to the next set of facts students must score above 92%. If they do not pass with a 92% or better they will practice the same facts the following week. 
Once a child has mastered addition facts they will move onto subtraction, multiplication, and then division. Any additional fact practice you can do will help your child succeed.

You can practice math facts and spelling words anywhere. Practice in the car or while making dinner. See the idea sheets in their binders for ways to make spelling and math facts practice fun.