Important Information
Home Binders: Your child will have a Home binder. It will be full of information to help you and your child have a successful year! These should be brought to school each day and checked daily by you.

Friday Folders: Each week your child will write a note to you in their Friday Folder. Over the weekend please write a letter back to them. Your child should bring their folder back on Monday. They will then read and respond to your note during the week. I hope that this will improve their writing and communication skills and be enjoyable for both of you.

 Our classroom rules are: 1. Listen when your teacher is talking. 2. Follow directions quickly. 3. Raise your hand to speak or stand. 4. Be safe, be kind, be honest. 5. Respect others, respect yourself, respect your school. These rules will be explained on the first day of school and reviewed frequently. A copy of the classroom discipline policy will be sent home.

Behavior Calendars: Each day your child will color in their behavior calendars. These will be in their binders. There is a chart explaining what each color means. If your child has colors orange, or red, I will write a note to let you know what happened. Please look at this with your child every night and initial it. 

Homework: Look in your child's binder every night. We will write our homework on their planner/assignment book. Please see the Homework link to learn more about your child's nightly homework.

Lunch Money: Please send lunch money to school in an sealed envelope with your child's name, my name, and you child's lunch ID number on it. Make checks payable to WASD Cafeteria Account.

Car Riders: 
If your child will be a car rider, please send in a note or call the office. Without a note or phone call, I will have to send them on the bus. Children who are being picked up will be walked to the back lobby. You may pick them up in the back park lot. For everyone's safety please park and walk over to get your child. If your child will be a car rider every day, you can send one note at the beginning of the year. 

Appointments: If your child has an appointment and needs to leave early, please send in a note. When picking your child up, please go to the front office and see the secretary. 

Birthdays: We love to celebrate birthdays. You are welcome to send in a snack or drop it off to the office anytime before 3:00. Please send me an e-mail or a note if you are planning to do this so that I can inform you of allergies and the number of students.
Party invitations may not be brought to school unless there is one for each child in our class. 

Bathroom: There is not a bathroom in our classroom. Your child will have the opportunity to use the bathroom when they arrive in the morning, before recess, and at two scheduled bathroom breaks during the day. Students are not allowed to use the bathroom during times of instruction. Please discuss the importance of going to the bathroom quickly and quietly with your child, as I will not always be there to monitor them.