Useful Links
Wonders and Everyday Math:
This site connects your child with games and materials that correlate with our math and reading programs at school. At the beginning of the school year, your child received a card with their login information. Follow the directions below and log in with your child, you will have access to extra practice ideas, materials, and games that your child can use to help build upon skills taught at school. 

1.  Click on the link below. (If the link does not work, just copy and paste it into your Internet Search Engine)
2. Click on the beach ball icon that says Mrs. Scott's Class.
3. Click on your child's name.
4. Click on the pictures for your child's password.
5. Click Login.
6. Click on either Everyday Math or Wonders to access resources.

If you have misplaced your child's password card, please let me know and I can get a new one sent home to you as soon as possible!
This is a site is one way for your child to practice math facts. We will use this most days in class. At the beginning of the year, your child brought home a paper explain how you could connect to their account at home. Xtramath is also an app that is available fro your phone or tablet.

Everyday Math and Wonders Online
This link  will take you directly to the Everyday Math and Wonders online program. Here your child can play games and complete other activities to reinforce skills practiced in class. You can also learn about what we are doing in class, get homework help, and find other resources to help your child succeed. The passwords were sent home the first week of school. If you need me to send it home again, just ask.
1. Find your teacher's name/icon
2. Click on your child's name/icon
3. Click on your child's password symbols
4. Login
5. Enjoy!

We will be using XtraMath in school to practice our math facts. Your child can also use this to practice at home. A flyer came home at the beginning of the year. If you need the log in information again, let me know.

Below are some more links that are good resources for your child. The links are organized by reading and math. Simply click on the link title to go to the website.

Link - description Rating
A great way to practice reading skills. Your child may be able to work through it independently after a bit of introduction.
Tons of great games and activities.
Vocabulary Practice
Build your second graders vocabulary!
Unscramble sight words
Unscramble sight words to build better reading and spelling skills.
Hangman games
Spelling Bee
Practice spelling second grade words. The computer will say the words and cheer when you get it right.
Fun Brain
So many fun games....a great site!!!! Give it a try!
Link - description Rating
ixl math
Lots of math practice.
Interactive Math Games
Soooooo many math games!!!!! Kids will love them! Lots of facts practice. I love the one that works with teaching time! Try Math Magic and Bang on Time, my 2 favs!
Math is Fun
This is an amazing site. It is fabulous even through high school age students. It is most appropriate as an enrichment activity. Students will most likely need assistance in using this site.
Fun Brain
A super cool website with tons of learning games!