Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday during second grade.  Below are the items included in your child's daily homework assignments.

Reading:  Your child will be reading 100 Book Challenge books for 15-20 minutes each night.  Please sign your child's 100 Book Challenge calendar each night that is located in his/her binder.

Math:  There will be nightly math facts sent home Monday through Thursday.  Please time your child nightly and practice his/her designated math facts so they are ready for the weekly math facts test that will be given on Fridays. 

Spelling:  Each week your child will be given a pre-test.  If your child does well on this pre-test, they will be given the challenge word list.  Please practice these words throughout the week.  Your child will have a weekly spelling test on Fridays.

You can always practice math facts and spelling words anywhere.  Practicing them in the car is a great way to get in a few extra minutes of practice!