My Homework
Homework is important for your child to improve his/her academic skills.  However, I know how much homework can sometimes take away from precious family time as well.  Due to this, our second grade team is trying something a little different this year.

We are going to integrate a homework block into our schedule as much as possible this year.  During this time, we will work on Math HomeLinks, spelling words, and math facts which are what a second grader would typically have for homework.  This DOES NOT mean that your child won't have homework at night.  It DOES mean that hopefully your child will have LESS to do at home which will allow for more family time :) 

Our goal is to allow your child to have time at the end of the school day to practice math facts and spelling words with a friend or in a small group with the teacher so that hopefully you won't have to practice as much at home.  We also want to complete the Math HomeLinks together in class because we know that these can sometimes be confusing to do at home when math is now not always taught the way it was before.  

We still STRONGLY encourage you to look over the Math HomeLinks with your child since these are skills they will be doing on the unit tests throughout the year.

Your child will still have 100 Book Challenge books to complete each night.  We do not want you spending more than 20-25 minutes a night on homework.  Therefore, your child will need to read 15 minutes of 100 Book Challenge each night Monday-Thursday, and may need to practice spelling words and math facts if needed.

Each Friday your child will be tested on weekly math facts tests and weekly spelling words.  The spelling words are sent home at the beginning of each week.  Your child also will receive a new math facts practice sheet each week, and if they have moved on to the next level for math facts, he/she will receive a new set of math facts cards to add to their previous ones for extra practice.

You can always practice math facts and spelling words anywhere.  Practicing them in the car is a great way to get in a few extra minutes of practice!