Homework & Grading


Students are usually given homework Mondays through Thursday. They copy assignments in their planners daily. The assignments should be in your child's FROG folder on the Bring RIGHT back side of the folder. Assignments are expected to be returned the next day, unless otherwise noted. If your child forgets their homework, they are given a reminder slip that must be signed and returned the following day, along with the missing assignment. If you child forgets their assignment the second day, they stay in the work room during recess to complete it. Homework usually consists of the following:

*AR- read for 20 minutes (sign the Log Sheet)
*Math- a Homelink 
*Spelling- study/practice weekly list (found in FROG Binders)


‚ÄčIn third grade, students are graded on various assignments. All graded assignments are scored with a point value. This point value is then calculated in the grade book and averaged as a percentage. You can check you child's grades through the Parent Portal. 

Accelerated Reader (AR):
 The overall average at the end of the marking period is 10% of the ELA grade. 5% of the grade is an overall comprehension score on quizzes. Another 5% is derived from meeting an individual goal. 

Spelling Tests:  Weekly tests are scored and counted as 10% of the Writing grade.